Calendar of Events

Agenda / festividades

June 20-24: Fiestas locales con gran repercusión e interés turístico.
St. John’s Bonfires

Originated with the tradition of burning debris on the night of the summer solstice.

March, July and August: Moors and Christians
Fiesta principal de la provincia, se lleva a cabo en varias zonas de la ciudad en fechas diferentes. Es una espectacular escenificación de la reconquista de las tierras de la provincia a los árabes.

March-April: Easter Week
It is a week of processions beginning on Palm Sunday, led by approximately 30 religious associations.

May 1-3: May Crosses
The local residents of Santa Cruz, located on the slopes of Mount Benacantil decorate their streets with flower crosses and participate in a contest to select the best one.

June-July: Medieval Market
Market with handicrafts and food. It is set up behind the town hall in the old part of town.
See dates in tourist information offices or in the calendar of events.

July: Virgen del Carmen Festival
Maritime processions are organized by Alicante’s Regatta Club and the Costablanca Nautical Club in honor of the patron saint of sailors.

February, March: Carnival
Popular festival where Alicante dresses in colorful costumes.